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Notice And Events
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2024-05-15Mother's Day Celebration152
2024-05-06113th National Collegiate Athletic Conference Pre-Game Spirit Speech71
2024-04-30R.O.C. Naval Academy's Military Band and Choir Participate in Joint Music Concert118
2024-04-22Book Presentation Ceremony by Former Commander-in-Chief, General Miao272
2024-04-19Oceanographic Commission's 113th Annual Collegiate Research Project281
2024-03-28International Week435
2024-02-06ROTC training at the Naval Academy886
2023-12-06International Cultural Exchange Science Week and Academic Exchange1347
2023-09-18R.O.C. Naval Academy (ROCNA) participates in the “2023 Kiss Science, Open Science, Youth Not Boring” event held by the National Science and Technology2108
2023-08-02The presentation ceremony of the books gifted by Admiral Xi-Ming Li,class of 1977,to the R.O.C Naval Academy1983
2023-04-27The Applied Science Department of the Naval Academy organized a musical exchange with the Music Department of the National Sun Yat-sen University.2985
2022-03-07Excellent Paper Award of the 3rd Shipbuilding and Marine Engineering Symposium8990
2020-12-01The Naval Academy celebrates 73rd anniversary with the "Sail Through The Oceans Towards Your Dreams" Symposium17344
2020-11-13Naval Academy admissions meeting14464
2019-10-09A Symposium for the 72th Anniversary of the R.O.C. Naval Academy17702
2019-07-01Opening Ceremony of the Department of Applied Foreign Languages13310
2019-06-20Flag guard and command handover ceremony of student brigade12026
2019-06-10Art Exhibition9990
2019-05-132019 English Speech Contest for Students held by the Academy8646
2019-04-30The students of the Academy won the great achievement in the 2019 Intercollegiate English Presentation Competition organized by the Republic of China9030
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