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Governance Philosophy of the Superintendent

Superintendent manages the academy affairs, gives priority to the educational connotation, the leadership and management functions of the school affairs, educate and trains and motivates midshipmen, so that every graduate can become a naval leader with high moral character and professional excellence.

The specific school management philosophy includes:

(1) Carry forward the core values of "Nation, Duty, and Honor", the school motto of "Camaraderie" and patriotic education.

(2) Dedicated to characters nurturing education: obedience, patience and leadership role models; law-abiding and self-Discipline; and the anchor chains spirit of helping each other in times of crisis; practicing "wisdom, trust benevolence, courage, and strictness" spirit cultivation.

(3)Demonstrate educational characteristics: Emphasize marine and naval applied science.

(4)Cultivate forward-looking vision: pay attention to the development of international diplomatic and geographic strategy and recognize the future trend of maritime military affairs.

(5) Complementary teaching and research: promote teaching as the body, research as the application, and deeply root the theoretical foundation of students.

(6)Enrich midshipmen‵ s own capabilities: in terms of military, professional skills, foreign language, physical fitness and leadership management.

(7)Encourage midshipmen to know how to do self-learning  with respect to the folowing: ends, ways, means, innovation, science, and pragmatism.