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Student clubs activity

* The Marching Band of the R.O.C. Naval Academy    

Every year, the Naval Academy Marching Band travels oversea along with the R.O.C. Navy Midshipmen Cruising & Training Squadron to present an outstanding performance to our diplomatic allies and friends around the world.    

* CNA Formation    

CNA is the abbreviation of the R.O.C. Naval Academy.
It symbolizes the honor and pride of being a midshipman.

* Astronomy Club      

* Calligraphy Club      

* Photo Club      

* Literature Editing Club      

* Martial Art Club      

* Tennis Club      

* Baseball Club      

* Light Music Club      

* Chorus Club      

* Marching Band      

* English Study Club      

* Broadcast Club      

* Model Club      

* Sign Language Club      

* Hot Dancing Club      

* Ballroom Dancing Club      

* Community Volunteer Club      

* Charity Society