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Information Security Policy
Information Security Policy

Welcome to the Naval Officer School (hereinafter referred to as our school) to respect and protect your security and privacy protection while using the Internet, in order to help you understand how the "Navy Officer School" protects you Please read the privacy protection and security policy of the "Navy Officer School" for the safety of using the services of this website and how to collect, apply and protect the personal information you provide. If you have any comments, please E-mail us, click me to enter the mail information.


Network Information Security Protection Policy

Any unauthorized attempt to upload or change the services and related information provided by the school is strictly prohibited and may violate the law.
   For the purpose of website security and to ensure that this service can continue to serve all Internet users, this website provides the following security protection measures:

  • Use a network intrusion detection system to monitor network traffic to identify unauthorized attempts to upload or change, web page information, or sabotage.
  • Install a firewall to prevent illegal intrusion, destruction, or theft or destruction of information, to avoid illegal use of the website, and to protect the rights of users.
  • Install anti-virus software to scan for viruses regularly to provide users with a safer web browsing environment.
  • Imitate hacker attacks from time to time, exercise the system response procedures when a security incident occurs, and provide an appropriate level of security defense.
  • Daily backup operations, back up all data to the backup host.
  • Automatically receive all security maintenance e-mail notifications sent from the relevant operating system vendors or application vendors, and install the appropriate modification program (PATCH) according to the e-mail recommendations.


Privacy declaration

Applicable scope of privacy protection announcement

The following privacy statement applies to the collection, use and protection of personal data involved when you use the "Navy Officer School" website services, but does not apply to all links to the functions of this website Government agency website. Every website linked by the "Navy Officer School" has its own privacy policy, and the "Navy Officer School" does not bear any joint and several liability. When you link to these websites, the privacy policy of each website applies to the protection of personal information.

How to collect and use personal information


  1. Only browsing and downloading files on the "Navy Officer School" website, this website does not collect any personal identification information.
  2. Using the various online application services provided by the "Navy Officer School", when applicants are required to provide personal information, the undertaking agencies will ask you to provide your name, ID number, contact number, e-mail, The latest and most authentic personal information such as correspondence address and household registration address.
  3. The website will record the user’s Internet IP address, time spent on the Internet, and web pages browsed on the website. These data are used for the internal analysis of website traffic and Internet behavior surveys by the school’s website management unit. It is helpful to improve the service quality of this website, and only analyzes the total behavior of all users, and does not analyze individual users.
  4. "Navy Officer School" is obliged to protect the privacy of each applicant, and will not modify or delete any personal information and files without your own consent. This can only be done with your prior consent or if the following conditions are met:
    1. Violation of the provisions of this website, such as verbal abuse or personal attacks.
    2. Protect or defend the rights or ownership of related individuals.
    3. In order to protect the rights and interests of all relevant units on this website.
  5. "Navy Officer School" will never arbitrarily provide, sell, exchange, or rent any of your personal information to other groups, individuals or private companies. Except in the following circumstances:
    1. Cooperate with legal investigations by judicial units.
    2. Cooperate with the investigation or use of relevant authorities according to the needs of the job.
    3. Believe in good faith that disclosure is required by law or used for management to maintain and improve website services.