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About Us

About Us


  • Information management technology is the use of computers and software to manage information.
    The information technology major provides a foundation in computer architecture, systems programming, data structures and networks.
    Upper level courses include web and internet systems, database systems, and information assurance and network security.
    The program is completed with electives emphasizing applications in areas such as management, web technology, databases, and computer security.
    After completing the information management program at R.O.C. Naval Academy one can go on to advanced study in databases, information management, and computer/network security.



Mission Statement

  • We prepare innovative and ethical leaders who understand the impact of information and management on navy society and create value for the navy officer’s career.
    Our students comprehend the vital role of leadership and the information technology forces transforming the warfare. We generate scholarly knowledge and insights that advance management practice through our research and teaching.
    To enhance the developing potential of the disciple of R.O.C. navy, information management at R.O.C. Naval Academy cultivate prospective navy officers with an ability of applying knowledge of information, science, and management to meet the challenging growth in the R.O.C. navy system.
    The courses are provided to train and foster the leading conductors for the modern R.O.C. navy and also to make the reserve officers to be prepared to apply the fundamental concepts to address and solve the problems that arise in their sea service.