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Commander Master Chief

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Commander Master Chief

Master Chief Yu

Education Background

Master Chief Yu, born in 1984, hails from the indigenous community of Taiwan. Embarking on his naval journey, he enrolled in the Naval Academy's two-year college program and graduated in 2005. Upon completing his education, he commenced his service as a yeoman onboard ARS-556, attaining the rank of E-5. He swiftly climbed the ranks, achieving E-6 in 2011.

Master Chief Yu's outstanding contributions led to his promotion to E-7 in 2013, where he assumed the role of the leading yeoman enlisted in Flotilla 192. Continuing his trajectory of success, he advanced to E-8 in 2014 and E-9 in 2017. His remarkable journey reached new heights in September 2023 when Master Chief Yu was personally selected to serve as the Command Master Chief at the Academy.

With a proven track record of leadership, dedication, and expertise, Master Chief Yu embodies the highest standards of the naval service and remains committed to guiding and mentoring the next generation of sailors.