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RADM Liu,Pao-Wen

The 36th Superintendent of the R.O.C Naval Academy

Rear Admiral Pao-Wen (Martine) Liu is a distinguished military officer in the Republic of China (Taiwan) Navy. He was born in Miao- Li County, Taiwan.  RADM Liu enlisted in the Navy in 1984 and graduated from the Naval Academy Class of 1988 with Bachelor of Science degree then began his naval surface warfare career in 1992.

RADM Liu has been assigned to various positions throughout his career. As a company-level officer, he served as an EWO, Operation Officer and CICWO, Combat Information Center Watch Officer. After being promoted to Lieutenant Commander in 2000, Liu was appointed as the Commanding Officer of the RCNS Chu-Jing (PGG 617), followed by serving as the Manning and Equipping Officer, N5, at Navy HQ, and attending the Naval Staff College Class of 2003 in the United States. He then served as a faculty member at the Naval Command and Staff College in the National Defense University and later as the Senior Assistant to the Commander of Naval Fleet Command.

RADM Liu served as the Deputy Naval Attaché to the United States for the Defense Mission, TECRO from 2006-2009. He then served as the XO on the RCNS Kang-Ding (PFG 1202) and as the Chief of the Intel Application Section of N2. He attended the National War College Class in 2012 and subsequently served as the Naval Attaché for the Defense Mission, TECRO from 2013-2016. During his Attaché tours, he promoted Taiwan-US naval cooperation and military sales, including the transfer programs of mine warfare ships and AAV-7. He also established several mutual midshipman exchange and interaction programs between the ROC and US Naval Academies.

In 2016, Liu became the Director of N6 at Naval Fleet Command, followed by his appointment as the Commanding Officer of the RCNS Kang-Ding (PFG 1202) from 2016-2018. During his command, he led the crew to receive the distinguished service model honor. He was then promoted to the flag rank officer and served as the Chief of Staff for the Office of Secretary General, National Security Council, from 2018-2020, where he focused on researching Taiwan's defense and military policies. In 2021, as the Commander of the Naval Combat Systems Facility, he accomplished the first anti-ship missile test verification project for coast guard vessels. In 2022, as the Commander of Flotilla 192, he is responsible for naval mine countermeasures, mine-laying operations, maritime rescue, ocean surveying, and EOD operations, with a particular emphasis on enhancing the asymmetric warfare capabilities of the Mining Operation Group to deter aggressive behaviors of the enemy.

Currently in 2023, RADM Liu serves as the Superintendent of ROC Naval Academy at Zuoying, Kaohsiung. He has also been pursuing higher education, completing an MBA at the University of Northern Virginia in 2008 and the Senior Executives in National and International Security program at Harvard Kennedy School in 2021. In addition to his impressive military career, RADM Liu is married with two sons and has earned numerous accolades and recognitions for his dedication and devotion to the Navy.