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CAPT Li, Xiang-Chen

The 48th Provost of the R.O.C Naval Academy

CAPT (O-6) Li is a distinguished naval officer, possessing qualifications in both surface warfare and submarine warfare. A graduate of the Naval Academy Class of 1995, CAPT Li commenced his career as a surface warfare officer, contributing to missions aboard DDG-929 and MSC-167. In 1998, following successful completion of submarine screening school, he embarked on his submariner journey, serving on SS-793, SS-791, SS-792, and SS-794 alternately until his promotion to LCDR (O-4) in 2003.

During his career, CAPT Li undertook various critical roles, including shore tours at N3 of the Naval Headquarters in Taipei and as a deputy director at the Naval Technical School in Kaohsiung. His dedication and expertise led to his promotion to CDR (O-5). Transitioning back to surface warfare, he assumed command of ATF-554 and a commodore of 216th Squadron at Flotilla 192 from 2010 to 2012, demonstrating exceptional leadership.

In subsequent years, CAPT Li continued to ascend the ranks, serving in pivotal positions at N6 of the Naval Headquarters. He achieved the O-6 rank in 2014 and subsequently commanded a guided missile frigate, FFG-933 and later held a commodore position of 231st squadron at Flotilla 168 from 2014 to 2016, showcasing strategic acumen and operational excellence.

CAPT Li's O-6 shore tours included roles as the section head at N3 and as a director at the Naval Education, Training, and Doctrine Development Command from 2017 to 2022. In December 2023, he assumed the prestigious role of Provost at the Naval Academy, serving as the right-hand man of the Superintendent. He further contributed his leadership and expertise to the development of future naval officers.