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Cadet Brigade
Brigade of midshipmen

Cadet Brigade Page Image  Under command of Superintendent, VADM Cheng, the Brigade of midshipmen exists only for cultivating honor concept, mature character, and principle of all midshipmen daily life, taking charge of training and evaluation. We try to make our midshipmen have five advantages: kindness, wisdom, physical fitness, team spirit, ability to appreciate the art, so we can have a qualified naval officer with talented leadership. Trustable naval officers will give our citizen a promise that we have the ability to defend our mation, Republic of China.

 The brigade includes five companies, and accompanied with 22 civilian worker, sailors, and officers. The organization of the company was formed by midshipmen who have different majors. First Regiment is formed up by regular midshipmen who will serve for 10 years; Second Regiment are organized by ROTC and petty officer students. Now we have reqular classes of 2006,2007,2008 and 2009. We also send our midshipmen to variety foreign academies or civilian colleges to accomplish their four-year education.
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