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Brigade of Cadet
Brigade of Cadet

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The cadet brigade is now a four-year college education of officer class , a two-year non-commissioned officer class and a professional officer class. It is composed of the brigade commander, the deputy commander, the  political warfare director,2 staffs, and the 8 companies. Each company has one company commander and one executive officer. The companies are organized by different classes cadets except for the freshmen.

The cadet brigade is responsible for the ideological and moral cultivation, personality training, life counseling management and assessment. With the cadet honor system to help cadet improve themselves, and with the teaching administrative unit to provide a variety of experiences and activities that contribute to self-growth, to cultivate students in a balanced development for the martial virtues of wisdom, sincerely, benevolence, courage and strictness. To implement the goal of cultivating naval basic officers with "professional scientific knowledge", "clear thinking logic", "excellent creative ability" and "leading leadership style".