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A day for midshipmen in the Academy
 For the half century, midshipmen are trained to maintain discipline. When the air still spread sleepy atmosphere in Zuoying, midshipmen have already woke up and run in cadence to start every vigorous day. You can hear applause from playground which filled with Midshipmen. The applause encourages the sprinters' speed. After morning work out, midshipmen practice English with peers. This shows that all midshipmen focus on promoting their English ability.
 Classes start right after breakfast. Students from all kinds of subjects/fields department absorb professional knowledge or concentrate on the experiment in the lab. To live; to learn. Our Chinese naval academy applies this old saying well. From drill practice, midshipmen learn how to behave properly; also, they learn the importance of cooperation and military skills. Moreover, they gain integrity and perseverance under the big hot sunlight.
 After classes, it is working-out time for midshipmen. In the field, midshipmen show their enthusiasm for each kind of sports. Besides, the Brigade will have some interesting groups-competition games like Dragon Ball. These games will improve the friendship among midshipmen, and will build a good foundation to lead other midshipmen and sailors in the future.
 During evening study period (ESP), midshipmen have to study in classrooms. Each classroom will have one upper classman who supervises not only the plebes, but also teaches them to improve freshmen's grades. Before Taps, plebes have to memorize the P.O.D (Plan of the Day) for next day, make sure they know what they should do at certain period. Midshipmen can still study after taps until 11:50, previewing stuff they are going to study next day or serve the internet for the purpose of improving professional knowledge or finishing their research papers. We make our midshipmen stand on watch even at night, so we can make sure everything's secured in Chinese Naval Academy no matter day or night.
 Regular life in academy makes midshipmen improve their knowledge or skills they need in the fleet and variety classes can help them strong their mind, upgrade physical fitness, and develop individual characteristic. The tradition of the Chinese Naval Academy will be kept by following those iron rules at every moment.