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The Naval Academy celebrates 73rd anniversary with the "Sail Through The Oceans Towards Your Dreams" Symposium
[Sail Through The Oceans Towards Your Dreams] Symposium3[Sail Through The Oceans Towards Your Dreams] Symposium1[Sail Through The Oceans Towards Your Dreams] Symposium2
School of Academic Studies

To celebrate the 73rd anniversary of the founding of the school, the Naval Academy recently held an academic seminar titled "Sail Through The Oceans Towards Your Dreams". The seminar was hosted by the principal, Major General Lin Zhongxing. Esteemed scholars from institutions including National Cheng Kung University, National Taiwan Normal University, Tamkang University, National Academy of Marine Research, and Chinese Strategic Society presented research results. Additionally, Acer Group founder and honorary chairman Mr. Stan Shih gave a talk entitled "Stan Shih’s Challenging Life: Reverse Thinking, Stay Positive and Optimistic". Mr. Shih uses a unique thinking perspective and a positive attitude to encourage students to work hard and pursue continuous learning. He constantly challenges difficulties, breaks through bottlenecks, and creates value. More importantly, one must have the spirit of "learning, learning, and relearning" to cultivate cross-field knowledge and interest. Finally, Mr. Shih encourages teachers and students to share Taiwan's future vision by way of self-improvement with a virtuous mentality. It is expected that students will be able to develop key core abilities to face future challenges and create value for the country and society.

During the visit, President Lin along with visiting teachers and students, visited the newly built ship simulator center. The teaching equipment utilizes virtual reality to make people feel like they are on a ship sailing in the open ocean. Weather simulations as well as interactive control instruments and bridges impressed visitors and demonstrated the Naval Academy's high-quality educational environment, teaching and research.