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Naval Academy admissions meeting
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Academic Affairs Division

Admissions Meeting

In order to promote increased enrollment of more outstanding youth into the Navy, President Lin Zhongxing met with President Zhang Xucheng of Taipei Municipal Yucheng Senior High School on September 24th and President Chen Shicheng of National Keelung Maritime Vocational High School on September 25th. These discussions resulted in a fruitful exchange of ideas on educational philosophy in hopes of providing students with multiple options for future education and employment.

Over the course of the two visits, President Lin affirmed the excellent performance and growth of alumni in the school. Students returned to their alma maters and participated in various activities which demonstrated the successful training results of the Naval Officer School. President Lin is hopeful the future will be bright by recruiting more talented young students to join the regular officer class of the school as well as the second special class of noncommissioned officers. The school will provide admission briefings to these two high schools which will promote the national defense education curriculum to students. With the help of these two principals, new strength will be injected into the Navy!


Admissions Advertising

There are four types of admission channels for the second special class of the Naval Academy, including early admission, standard admission, direct enrollment, and recommended admission. You may also apply using entrance examination results from a technical high school. For details, please contact the local talent recruitment center or the Academic Affairs Office at 07-5817366, where somebody will be able to provide you with more information.