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Software Items

Hardware Items



Naval Structure Material Laboratory


1 MTS Dynamic High Temperature Material Testing System

2 Material High Strain Rate Dynamic Properties Testing Unit

1 Ship Structural Analysis Numerical System

1 Data Signal Acquisition and Processing Unit

1 Data Information Control Unit

1 High-Speed Photography System

1 Teaching Audio and Video Broadcasting System

5 High-Performance Computer Workstation

Dr. Lai, Shih-Ting


Ship Performance Calculation Laboratory

Windows10、ABAQUS、GHS-Stability、3DSprint、NavCad_Orca3D、GHS-SeeKeeping、RhinoSystem、ShipWeight、Simcenter 3D、Geomatric Desigh X

1 Ship Performance Cloud Parallel Computing System

1 3D Ship Model Printing System

1 3D Ship Drawing and Design System

1 Stability Calculation System

1 Ship Design and Horsepower Calculation System

1 Ship Navigability Performance Calculation System

1 Ship Weight Control Calculation System

1 Ship Structural Calculation System

1 Teaching Audio-Visual Broadcasting System

9 High-Performance Computer Workstation

Dr. Chen, Ya-Hui


Hydrostatic Laboratory


1 Hydraulic Test System Room

1 Power Control Unit

1 Data Signal Acquisition and Processing Unit

1 Data Information Control System

1 High-Pressure Testing Component Unit

1 High-Speed Photography System

1 Hoisting System

1 Pure Water Equipment System

1 Teaching Audio-Visual Broadcasting System

3 High-Performance Computer Workstation

Dr. Hsu, Ching-Yu


Computer-aided Drawing Classroom


26 Intel Xeon Computers
1 UPS System
1 24 ports Switch HUB
1 Projector
1 Color Laserjet Printer

Dr.Chang, Chieh-Min


Electro-Mechanical and Automatic Control Classroom


6 Computers
3 Pressure control systems
5 Module mechanism systems
1 Oil hydraulic press
2 Fiber optic sensors

Dr. Chen, Ya-Hui


Fluid Mechanics Professional Classroom

Windows10、MultiMedia Fluid Mechanics 2nd edition

1 Notebook
1Pipework Energy Losses Apparatus
1Rotating Reynolds Number Apparatus
1Flow Measurement Apparatus
1PIV Apparatus
1 Reynolds Number Apparatus
1 Basic hydraulic experimental equipment
1 Heat exchanger experimental apparatus
1 Refrigeration experimental apparatus
1 Liquid crystal conduction experimental apparatus
1Cavitation Apparatus
1 Ancillary equipment for thermal flow
1 Computational Fluid Dynamics simulation system
1Tutoring multimedia equipment
1 Recorder Player
1 Laserjet Printer
1 DVD Player
1 Projector
1 6 mega pixels Digital Camera
1 3 mega pixels Digital Camera

Dr. Chen, Ya-Hui


Solid Mechanics Professional Classroom

MTS Material test Program

1 Material dynamic test system
1 Vibration tester
1 Numerical simulation calculation system
1 Rockwell hardness tester
1 Brinell hardness tester
1 Vicker's hardness tester
1 Impact testing machine
1 Fatigue tester
1 Cutting machine
1 Mounting machine
1 Mill machine
1 Etching equipment
1 Optical microscope(Images catching and calculation system)
1 Total station measurement equipment
1 Ultrasonic tester
1 Teaching Hi-Fi broadcasting system

Dr. Hsu, Ching-Yu


D.M.M.E. Professional Classroom(I)


1 Digital Projector
1 Projector

1 Projection Screen

TA. Huang, Chun-Hsien


D.M.M.E. Professional Classroom(II)


1 Projector

1 Projection Screen

 TA. Huang, Chun-Hsien