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1.Supervising the function of the administrative and political warfare affair of entire company.
2.Directing the implementation of regulations, security and discipline
3.Grading performance, evaluating the promotion, reward and punishment, and authorizing the official leave.
4.Allocating all of the available forces in support of all units’ requirement.
5.Maintaining the security of the campus.
6.Completing other duties given by superiors on an ad hoc basis.
7.Taking charge of the planning and execution of political warfare affairs.
8.Dealing with the political warfare training, patriotic education, military discipline enforcement, complaint acceptance, and loving-compatriot education.
9.Psychological consulting.
10.Emergency assistance to the sailors and their families.
11.Recreational activities.
12.Controlling the weaponry.
13.Being in charge of the meals for the mass.
14.Enforcing the entire security for the school's need.
15.Nuclear, biological and chemical training.
16.aking an evaluation on on NCO's performance, promotion, reward ,punishment and official leave.
17.Handling the meal preparation for all buddies of the company.
18.Responsible for the logistic supply service.