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*Division Office
Supervise all executions of administration works under the Division.


*Logistics service

  1. Application for and management of barrack property and equipment; repair and maintenance planning and supervision of work; utility control, checking and repair; maintenance of living environment and facilities; registration and record management of the Academy's properties.
  2. Venue set-up and environment arrangement for all special occasions and visits.
  3. Preparation for combat (Wan-an drill, self-defense warfare, Shiun-fong drill and overall security of the military area), arm and weapon management, internal management of the Officer of the Day's office, shift duty of the janitors, shooting training with light weapons for commissioned and non-commissioned officers, planning of nuclear bio-chemistry training, and management of the outfits.
  4. Handling laws and regulations, and editing and revising operational manual.
  5. Management of official vehicles, petroleum control, transportation and maintenance.
  6. Production and granting of identification card and vehicle pass.
  7. Personal supplies for officers and cadets (including salaries, foods, dependents' allowance, education allowance, quilt and clothing).
  8. Processing officers' spouse application for residence in Shih-Chang Tower dormitory, and maintenance of the environment.
  9. Filling of all fire extinguishers in the Academy.



*Personnel work

  1. Personnel management of commissioned officers, non-commissioned officers, servicemen (manpower, appointment, assignment, supplement, dismissal, personnel categorization and headcount control)
  2. Personnel management of civil teachers(teacher qualification, appointment of civil teachers, dismissal, qualification examination, promotion, transfer, pension, insurance, etc.)
  3. Attendance (including appraisal and evaluation, awards and punishment, marriage, holidays, stay-over duties, national health insurance, entry and exit) and internal management (including duty roster)
  4. >Personnel information (armed forces report, servicemen ID, servicemen record management, online transmission of personnel data)
  5. Training reminders for military academies' education path.
  6. Issuance of cadets' personnel orders (dismissal, resumption of school, retention)


*Document work

  1. Document processing, document printing, mail room service, supervision of printing, file management
  2. Printing of exam papers and meeting materials, etc.