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We adhere to the guidance of superiors at all levels in implementing general administrative support work. Our service benchmark is to provide a "high-quality living environment." With limited resources and manpower, we actively promote various preparation work comprehensively. Guided by a strong commitment to service and a firm and practical work philosophy, we strive to complete the assigned tasks.
Strategic development directions:
Document Management:
(a) Digitize file management.
(b) Customize file applications.
(c) Standardize storage facilities.
(a) Carry out personnel operations for officers, non-commissioned officers, and soldiers of our school in accordance with the "Regulations and Detailed Rules for the Appointment and Employment of Officers and Non-commissioned Officers of the Army, Navy, and Air Force," "Personnel Instructions for the Military," as well as personnel policies and guidance issued by the Ministry of National Defense and headquarters, with the aim of shaping our navy's top talents.
(b) Handle the personnel affairs of teachers at our school in accordance with the "University Act," "Teachers Act," "Regulations on the Appointment of Educational Personnel," and the regulations on personnel handling for military schools' teachers issued by the Ministry of National Defense, in order to improve the quality and allocation of our teachers' professional qualifications.
(a) Promote safe driving and prevent security incidents.
(b) Strengthen property control and ensure proper accounting.
Engineering and Construction:
(a) Establish a surveillance system to enhance campus security.
(b) Improve building structures and enhance the campus environment.
(c) Implement energy conservation and carbon reduction measures to enhance quality of life.