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The picture of general affairs division

The General Affairs Division, originally named Administration Division which directed Logistics Section, Personnel Section and a Medical Clinic before was reorganized and renamed as the General Affairs Division on the 1st of July in 2000 with Logistics Section, Personnel Section, Document Center and the Medical Clinic still under its control. From the 1st of November in 2002 onward, however, the Medical Clinic became part of the Student Affairs Division, and Logistics Section, Personnel Section and Document Center remained with the General Affairs Division. On July 1 this year, the section chiefs for Logistics, Personnel and Document center were abolished, and one Lieutenant Colonel, Deputy Director-general was added, with all staff sergeants combined under the General Affairs Division.


Organization Chart

Organization Chart
Organization Chart

The general affairs department is organized as the deputy director of the department, and directs the combatant, personnel officer, supply officer, civil engineering officer, history officer, administrator, chief of the electrician, chief officer, gas turbine, electrician, general supplier , personnel and post-replenishment assistants.