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Our school's educational mission is to cultivate talents required for national defense and military preparedness. This mission has never changed. However, in response to the trends in higher education development and the modernization of our military's weaponry and equipment, we are currently taking a forward-thinking approach to overall planning for future development. Meanwhile, our department aims to enhance staff cohesion and improve the quality of educational services. Therefore, we set "service first," "proactive and positive," "innovation and change," and "enhancing efficiency" as our service benchmarks. We strive to ensure that administrative efficiency and effectiveness progress hand in hand, thereby supporting our school's overall goal of becoming a refined military institution with top-notch military characteristics. We will now explain the four service benchmarks in detail:
Service First: As administrative work within the school is of a service nature, we uphold a customer-oriented service philosophy. By enhancing administrative operational efficiency and process reengineering, we ensure that all faculty and students receive satisfactory service quality.
Proactive and Positive: To meet the needs of faculty and students in a timely manner, we will follow the Plan→Do→Check→Act feedback loop cycle, identifying various instructional needs and expectations and actively seeking continuous improvement.
Innovation and Change: Building upon the existing administrative operation models, we will adopt innovative concepts and forward-looking perspectives, following the guidance of superior policies and combining them with our school's improvement strategies. We aim to break through and enhance educational administrative practices to adapt to the diverse and evolving societal demands.
Enhancing Efficiency: Under the circumstances of substantial reduction in administrative manpower over the years and an increase in administrative affairs, we will actively pursue concrete and effective measures such as digitizing management, process reengineering, knowledge management, and streamlining business operations. Our goal is to improve the overall quality of educational services.