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*Integrated Political Warfare Work
I Psychological health (counseling) consultation:


  1. Counseling administration
  2. Counseling consultation
  3. Promotion and education
  4. Tutoring system



II Life counseling:


  1. Planning, supervision and execution of ethic education
  2. Examination and integration of ethic evaluation
  3. Planning and supervision of Honor Review Committee and Complaint Review Committee
  4. Regulations for the application of Dawn Scholarship.



III Extra-curricular activities:


  1. Planning and execution of society activities



IV Integrated political warfare:


  1. Personnel transfer, further study, and training of political warfare cadres
  2. Supervision and execution of base-level political warfare work
  3. Political warfare report, and political warfare cadres' meetings
  4. Planning, supervision and execution of political warfare (psychological) work
  5. Civilian care education
  6. Planning, supervision and execution of services, benefits, recreational activities and civilian work
  7. Data verification of dormitory residents
  8. Preparation of political warfare budget, use of budget and control and execution of property management
  9. Administration and setting up user's regulations for Military Shopping Mall 505.



V Political education:


  1. Planning, supervision and execution of PW Day and political education and training
  2. Patriotism education, academic speeches (on monthly gathering and important occasions)
  3. Planning and execution of visits by religious organizations, the press, schools and general civil organizations.



VI Military security:


  1. Planning, supervision and execution of confidential (including information and communication) and security (including arm security) work
  2. Planning and execution of security check and security deployment
  3. Planning, supervision and execution of anti-spy activities.



*Mental Health Center
National Force Mental Hygiene Centers were founded in all the military branches and camps in July, 1992. To fit in with the request of the Education Department, Naval Academy established Student Counsel Committee as a branch of the mental hygiene center in October, 1993. The committee serves the officers, students, sailors, and employees, also receive the case from National Zuoying Hospital.



The services of the center are listed blow:


  1. Personal counseling
  2. Mental health survey for single or multiple people
  3. Provide books for lending
  4. Provide movies
  5. Hold lecture
  6. Group counseling
  7. Mental hygiene education


Besides, to truly discover the patient's real problem, the center randomly holds several meeting for midshipmen in each class. Also the center has meetings or telephone survey for counselors, company officers and lately-posted sailor. Furthermore, the center provides officers wuth the roster of the midshipmen who need help urgently.