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As the Act of Military Education was adopted, and promulgated for implementation Since 14th of July in 1999, the Academy's Political Warfare Division was restructured in pursuant to the Guiding Principles for Restructuring of Political Warfare Organization in Military Academies. Under the premise that the restructuring did not breach the Act or increase manpower pressure, it went in line with the Academy's organizational reform. November 1, 2002, the Previous warfare branch and student affairs manpower were re-assigned to the Academy's head office and the Student Affairs Division, which is responsible for Psychological counseling, Life counseling, Health and Hygiene care, Extra-curricular activities, Patriotism education, Counseling services, Supervision of military discipline and Military security, etc. The political warfare organization then became more flexible to fulfill its functions. Since the 1st of July 2006, the position of Director of Political warfare has been demoted, and all staff Chief Petty Officers and faculties were regrouped under the supervision of Student Affairs Division.