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2024-02-06ROTC training at the Naval Academy189
2024-01-17Naval Academy Academic and Bilingual Exchange Programs408
2023-12-06International Cultural Exchange Science Week and Academic Exchange594
2023-09-18R.O.C. Naval Academy (ROCNA) participates in the “2023 Kiss Science, Open Science, Youth Not Boring” event held by the National Science and Technology1538
2023-08-02The presentation ceremony of the books gifted by Admiral Xi-Ming Li,class of 1977,to the R.O.C Naval Academy1379
2023-04-27The Applied Science Department of the Naval Academy organized a musical exchange with the Music Department of the National Sun Yat-sen University.2434
2023-04-27Outstanding Youth of Kaohsiung City Junior College1940
2023-04-26The Department of Electrical Engineering of the Academy organized an academic exchange event on the forward-looking technology and application scenari1965
2023-03-07Ms. Wu Wan-yu, a student from the Department of Applied Science of the Naval Academy, participated in the Taiwan-Sri Lanka Overseas Research Center fo2217
2023-02-21In the first quarter of the 112th academic year, a special lecture on mental health education was held.1653
2023-02-21Lectures on mental health education in the first quarter of 20233168
2023-01-07Professional officer class 112-year Class A graduation and award ceremony2151
2023-01-07The Naval Officer Candidate School Professional Officer Class of 112, Class A, Graduation and Commissioning Ceremony.1626
2022-11-24Naval Academy hosts 111-year special lecture3610
2022-10-1875th Anniversary of the Naval Academy2095
2022-09-302011 Autumn Festival volunteers from Zuoying District Story Museum condolences5616
2022-06-27Naval Academy students won second place in the 2022 7th National Civil and Military Youth Sun Tzu Art of War Invitational Tournament7642
2022-05-17The Ocean Affairs Council Coast Guard Education Training and Testing Center Director visited the Naval Academy7771
2022-04-29Major General Chen, Principal of the Naval Academy, held a discussion with the faculty members of the Department of Ship Machinery recently.10296
2022-04-12Kaohsiung City 111 Youth Festival Outstanding Young People in Society6788
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