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Curriculum structure
  • Program in Marine Science.
  1. To meet the graduation requirements of the Marine Science program, students must complete a minimum of 136 credits, including general education courses, military courses, and departmental education. The major program within the department is the "Ocean Acoustics and Anti-Submarine Warfare Program".
  2. The curriculum for the Ocean Acoustics and Anti-Submarine Warfare Program includes the following compulsory courses for the first and second years: Ocean Meteorology (1), Underwater Acoustics (1), Engineering Mathematics I & II (3+3), Physical Oceanography (3), Environmental Science of the Ocean (2), Oceanography (2), and Remote Sensing of the Ocean (3).
  3. The compulsory courses for the third year include: Ocean Acoustics (3), Ocean Chemistry (3), Wave Dynamics (3), Ocean Currents (3), Tides (3), Ocean Data Analysis (2), Ocean Fluid Dynamics (2), and Project Implementation in Ocean Dynamics (2).The compulsory courses for the fourth year mainly consist of Sonar Principles and Applications (2) and Project Implementation in Ocean Environment (2)."