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    This course is designed build up the basic mathematical background for midshipmen to learn engineering knowledge. Limit and Their Properties, Differentiation, Applications of Differentiation, Integration, Transcendental Functions, Application of Integration, Integration Techniques, Infinite Series, Functions of Several Variables, Multiple Integration etc. are included
    General Physics
    After completing this course, the students can learn and understand the physical principles, and utilize scientific tools to analyze the natural phenomena based on the scientific attitude. The students can present their understanding of the physical facts and reasoning via documentation way and oral way.
    General Chemistry
    Build up basic chemical conceptions and knowledge, and combine theory with laboratory practical works to establish the foundation for future chemistry problem solving.
    Engineering Mathematics
    This course introduces students to those areas of mathematics, which from a modern point of view, are most important in connection with practical problems. First-Order Differential Equations, Linear Differential Equations of Second and Higher Order, Series Solutions of Differential Equations, Special Functions, Laplace Transforms, Linear Algebra: Matrices, Vectors, Determinants, Linear Algebra: Matrices, Eigenvalue Problems, Vector Differential Calculus: Grad, Div, Curl etc. are included.
    Electromagnetic Waves
    After completing this course, the students can know about the characteristics of the electromagnetic wave, and possess the capabilities of learn interaction between the electromagnetic wave and natural world. At least, the students can primarily analyze the military environments topics.
    After completing this course, the students can know about the principles and applications of the semiconductors, and understand the advantages and disadvantages of various optoelectronic instruments. Based on this result, they can utilize their military strategy and tactics thoroughly.
    Monographic Study
    After completing this course, the students can know how to utilize the current literatures to study the facing problems. In the mean while, they also possess the ability of sorting the knowledge and report their result via multi-media way.
    Contamination prevention of ships
    Understand related rules and sources of ship sewage as well as detection skills of air pollution. Try to reduce the possibility of water and air pollution, and to control the contamination as effective as possible.
    Prevention of corrosion of ships
    Understand the mechanisms of corrosion and its prevention measures, and establish related problem solving abilities.