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Relevant laws and regulations

█ Relevant laws and regulations

Detailed Rules for the Implementation of the Law on the Protection of State Secrets
On September 26, 1992, the Executive Yuan Tai Fa Zi No. 0920044825 issued the full text of 36 articles;
And it will come into force on the day the State Secrets Protection Law takes effect.

Executive Yuan Labor Committee Vocational Training Bureau Information Security Management Practice Guidelines
December 6, 1991, the Executive Yuan Labor Committee Zhi Xun Zi No. 0910038908 letter was finalized and released the full text 10

National Regulatory Database
Domestic laws and regulations information query website.

university law

On January 12, 37th year of the Republic of China, the national government formulated and published the full text of Article 33 in Guofu Gazette No. 3028.
August 24, 1961, the President (61) Taitong (1) Yizi No. 894, amended and published the full text of 40 articles
Government Gazette No. 2460.
Article 34 was amended and promulgated by the Presidential Decree on April 16, 1971.
On July 30, 1971, the President (71) Taiwan Unity (1) Yizi Order No. 438 amended and published the full text of 39 articles.
On January 5, 1983, President (83) Hua Zong (1) Yizi No. 0030, amended and published the full text of 32 articles.
On May 15, 1991, the President (91) Huazong Yiyizi No. 09100095590 revised and promulgated Articles 3 and 28
On February 6, 1992, President Hua Zongyiyizi No. 09200017730 was amended and promulgated Nos. 12, 18, 23, and 25