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  █ Organizational structure

Department of Electrical Engineering

The main content of the Department of Electrical Engineering is to train students to have the basic theory of "weapon system". Based on this, courses such as electrical engineering, electronic circuits, control theory, signal processing and microwave communication systems and related experimental courses are designed so that students have a good professional foundation in electrical engineering , in order to be helpful in the study of naval weapon systems and to enhance their potential for subsequent development.

Department of Marine Science 
The Department of Marine Science is mainly aimed at training students to understand the marine environment on which the navy depends, and enrich the scientific knowledge of marine related aspects. In the future, they will be able to make overall considerations based on the real-time conditions of the marine environment, fully grasp the timing of tactics and weapons, and achieve success on the battlefield. 

Department of Ship Machinery
The main teaching purpose of the Department of Ship Machinery is to teach students the basic principles of ship structure, power system, ship electromechanical control and fluid mechanics and other related courses, so that students can have professional knowledge of ships, a deep understanding of the operating principles of ship equipment, and be competent after graduation. Ship work achieves the goal of cultivating excellent professional officers of ships.

Department of Applied Science
The purpose of the Department of Applied Science is to train junior naval officers with basic theories and practices of "scientific literacy" and "naval science and technology". By imparting basic science-based education, students can learn more about the nature of science and technology, and the relationship between the navy and science and technology, laying the foundation for their future career in the navy and life-long learning and development.

Department of Information Management
Department of Information Management The educational purpose of this department is to expect students to receive good basic education in management and information in the general education environment where students study part-time at the Naval Academy, and to lay a good foundation for future service in the Navy or further studies in research institutes. foundation.

Department of Applied Foreign Languages
Department of Applied Foreign Languages On July 1, 1994, in response to the organizational adjustment of the Ministry of Education, the General Education Center was established. The department merged the former Department of Foreign Languages and the Humanities Group of the Department of Literature and History, and the Department of Political Science became the Social Group. In order to improve the language ability of the army, combined with the three important military education tasks of building a "rock-solid" national defense force, recruiting students and training professional teachers, the "Department of Applied Foreign Languages" was established on July 1, 2018, and became the department of the general subject department of the school. The newly established sixth professional department is a modern navy junior officer who deeply integrates humanities and internationalization into science, engineering and management expertise.