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Social Sciences Education

Educational Objectives

Cultivate loyalty and patriotism.

Train critical thinking and judgment skills.

Understand contemporary political ideologies.

The curriculum design of the discipline aims to cultivate modern naval officers who possess knowledge in social sciences, logical thinking skills, and leadership qualities. The curriculum includes five mandatory subjects: Constitution and Founding Spirit of the Republic of China, International Maritime Law, Mainland China Policy and Cross-Strait Relations, Introduction to Psychology, and Introduction to Law.

Research Fields

The Social Sciences Discipline has dedicated faculty members specializing in three major research fields: Political Science, Law, Psychology, and Sociology.

Political Science

  • Thoughts of the Founding Father
  • Mainland China Policy and Cross-Strait Relations
  • Party Politics and Democratic Constitutionalism
  • Communist Party Theory


  • Constitution and Founding Spirit of the Republic of China
  • Introduction to Jurisprudence
  • International Maritime Law
  • Military Law


Psychology and Sociology

  • General Psychology
  • Gender, Culture, and Society
  • Emotion Management and Adjustment
  • Contemporary Social Changes and Issues
  • Human Behavioral Changes
  • Introduction to Social Sciences