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    Features of Marine Science Dep
    • The Teaching and Research Highlights of the Department of Marine Science
    1. ​As the ocean represents the final frontier for humanity, with countries around the world actively developing marine resources and seeking maritime rights, it is crucial to safeguard our national interests and defense security. To achieve this, there is a pressing need to cultivate marine professionals and expand knowledge in ocean-related fields.
    2. In response to the global trend of the International Year of the Ocean and to enhance the distinctive characteristics of the Naval Academy, our university established the "Department of Marine Technology" on August 1st, 1996, with the addition of marine-related courses. By the end of 1999, in order to further refine the curricula of various departments and attract talented students, the university strengthened the development focuses of each department. On July 1st, 2000, the department obtained approval from the Ministry of Education to change its name to the "Department of Marine Science." Furthermore, in 2002, the "Acoustics and Anti-submarine marins Warfare Program" was introduced to enhance the core courses in the field of expertise.
    3. The primary goal of our department is to cultivate students' understanding of the marine environment, which is vital for the survival of the navy. We aim to enrich their scientific knowledge in various aspects of the ocean, enabling them to make comprehensive assessments based on real-time oceanic conditions. By doing so, they will be able to grasp tactical opportunities and the most optimislic utilization of weapons, ultimately achieving success on the battlefield.
    4. (1)Collecting environmental data in the waters surrounding Taiwan, such as ocean currents, tides, seafloor topography, water column distribution, and sediment characteristics, to provide references for naval applications.(2)Establishing dynamic models of the marine environment in the vicinity of Taiwan, actively participating in international academic conferences, and seeking collaborations with universities and research institutions both domestically and internationally.(3)Researching the acoustic transmission characteristics and background noise in the waters near Taiwan, assisting our navy in building sound field models for the surrounding marine areas.