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    Educational goals

    educational goals


    ▋educational goals

    According to the school's educational goals, the Department of the first department formulates the educational goals as follows:

    Cultivate grass-roots naval cadres who can unite and cooperate, be motivated, and honorable.

    Cultivate basic-level naval cadres with modern science, engineering and management literacy, and physical and mental health.

    Cultivate grass-roots naval cadres with both ability and political integrity.


    ▋Promote the strategic direction of each work

    In order to effectively achieve the educational goals of the general subject department, the first department not only cooperates with the self-evaluation mechanism to promote teacher teaching, student learning, curriculum planning and improvement, but also promotes military industry investment and construction projects, budget planning and the implementation of the following strategic directions for characteristic teaching.

    (1) Improve the teaching connotation and structure of "Marine Science", "Naval Science and Technology", and "Military Morality", and cultivate naval officers (Department of Marine Science) who have the basis of navigation theory and practice.

    (2) With the teaching goal of "emphasizing both theory and practice" and "combining science and technology", train graduates to have the basic knowledge of ship engineering and power systems, the ability to use relevant knowledge to explore and solve problems, and have effective professional skills Practical ability (Department of Ship Mechanics).

    (3) With the educational goals of "teaching professional knowledge of electrical machinery", "cultivating practical ability" and "laying the foundation for multiple learning", cultivate junior naval officers (Department of Electrical Engineering) with basic theory and practical ability of naval warfare.

    (4) Through rich and multi-faceted professional courses, graduates can understand the application of mathematics, physics, and chemistry in equipment operations, weapon systems, naval tactics, and strategic analysis. This leads to the ability to fully adapt to the changing workplace (Faculty of Applied Sciences).

    (5) Through the connotations of "information technology", "leadership management education" and "whole person education", cultivate junior naval officers with information technology knowledge, leadership management ability and naval professionalism (Department of Information Management).

    (6) Through the development plan of "graded teaching" and "situational teaching", cultivate graduates with naval professional knowledge, independent critical thinking, international citizen humanistic quality and excellent foreign language communicative ability (Department of Applied Foreign Languages).


    ▋Cultivate the ability to have both ability and political integrity

    (1)Strengthen the construction of core competencies: In terms of students' core competencies and curriculum, the main way to achieve this is the mutual echo and connection between curriculum planning, curriculum maps and core competencies. In the part of teaching core ability improvement, according to the development characteristics of the department, the main ways to achieve it are: strive for full-time postdoctoral post requirements, encourage master lecturers in the teaching department to study for a doctorate degree, encourage full-time teachers in general subject departments to upgrade, and encourage the application of scientific and technological research projects of the Ministry of Education, The teaching practice plan of the Ministry of Education, etc.

    (2)Cross-field ability: Strengthen the cross-field ability of students by promoting inter-school cooperation, cross-field cooperation, project practice, bilingual courses, and encouraging students to enroll in special projects for college students.

    (3)Responsibility, honor and team spirit: enhance students' sense of honor and team spirit by promoting project practice and participating in domestic and inter-school academic competitions.

    (4)Self-improvement mechanism: cooperate with the regular evaluation of school affairs to promote the

    improvement of the self-improvement mechanism.