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Food Service

In order to strengthen midshipmen's bodies, to offer the health, clean, and delicious meals is the desperate responsibility of Cadet Brigade. The officers form Cadet Brigade direct midshipmen forming up the Food Service Committee, in charge of all business of food service. There are four subcommittees, including administration, laboring, supervising, and cooking-supervising. They are in charge of works such as to supervise purchasing and meals. The procedures of food service managing are: the committee regularly receive the information form the website of Department of Defense Benefit Bureau, cooperating with the cooks' technique and setting up the menu. Then, the staff of cooking-supervising manages and controls the quality of the food passed by transport trucks. The management of kitchen is the designated officers' duty, in charge of the cooking-labor's daily life, the sanitation of cooking environment, and the sanitation of the food. Also, the music is played when having meals for making the relaxing atmosphere. All the matters are due to provide the superior food service for becoming healthier and pursuing higher academic and physical standards.

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