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The Department of Electrical Engineering of the Academy organized an academic exchange event on the forward-looking technology and application scenari
Dept. of Electrical Engineering


Through discussions and live demonstrations, this event allowed students to gain a deeper understanding of the importance of defense autonomy and asymmetric warfare concepts, as well as enhanced interaction and communication between the department and the industry. It also provided a better understanding of future

battlefield scenarios.

Admiral Liu, the school Superintendent (fifth from the right), led the teaching team of the Academy to discuss UAV research and application trends.

Mr. Huang, the chairman of SmartFly Technology Limited (fifth from the left), and the company research and development team.

During the event, a presentation was given to provide in-depth information on the overall structure and performance of UAVs, as well as various application scenarios, which aroused strong interest among the students.

Professor Wu, Chang-hui from Yuan Ze University shared the process of establishing UAV projects and advised students to possess creative thinking and independent thinking abilities in order to excel in future workplaces.

The event generated enthusiastic responses and inquiries from the students, making it a fruitful exchange activity.

Mr. Yang, the general manager of SmartFly Technology Limited(right), personally introduced the specifications of the UAV to the midshipmen.

Admiral Liu, the school Superintendent (left), presented a certificate of appreciation and a memento to Mr. Huang, the chairman of SmartFly Technology Limited (right), as a gesture of gratitude.

Mr. Huang, the chairman of SmartFly Technology Limited (right), presented the book Weapon Wizard; as a gift for teachers and students to read.