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Rear-admiral Chiang, the Superintendent of the R.O.C. Naval Academy received students admitted by the U.S. Naval Academy
General Affairs Division

Rear-admiral Chiang, the Superintendent of the R.O.C. Naval Academy received three students admitted by the U.S. Naval Academy, namely, Pei-Hsuan Li, Bin-Yuan Huang, and Chun-Chin Sheng. Taking advantage of the return call once a year, Rear-admiral Chiang expressed his concern about students' life and study abroad. 
Later, the rank conferral ceremony for Pei-Hsuan Li was held in Fuhsing Hall, in which Rear-admiral Chiang, on behalf of the commander, conferred the rank upon Pei-Hsuan Li, and invited the administrators of the Academy, parents of Shang-Cheng Su, and current students from the U.S. Naval Academy to attend the ceremony. Rear-admiral Chiang shared his experience of studying various rules with his classmates in the official hall after dinner and his conscientious study when he was an official. He hoped that Pei-Hsuan Li would also study hard and adapt to life on the sea as soon as possible after he boarded the ship. When talking about the students' years of studying abroad, Rear-admiral Chiang gave high praise. He encouraged the students of foreign military academies to cultivate their self-adjustment ability, keep humble attitude, learn and improve their professional knowledge and leadership skills. 
From the conversation, we found that Pei-Hsuan Li's optimistic personality was benefited from his parents' education since childhood. His parents praised and encouraged him to build up his confidence, and made him have confidence and optimistic personality. We believe that he will be able to meet every challenge in the future with a positive attitude, and inject this positive energy into the environment around him, and bring a good impact.

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