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Sharpening leadership
Sharpening leadership Page Image School uses the cadre system which midshipmen lead midshipmen in order to train students having the ability of leadership and to know the concept of submission to the class system and to their duty. It also fosters midshipmen knowing self-respect, self-discipline, and automatically to obey the guideline and to inspire learning spirit. In addition, it fosters them to be active and brave in their spirit, to be happy and modest in their attitude, to be organized and clean in their life, and to be united and obey in their act. At the same time, to set up strong feeling of responsibility and honor is the foundation for these officers to follow at the leading level.
 The cadre system is formed based on the school brigade system model and all cadres are selected from the best seniors. The midshipmen commander will instruct every cadre in each class to carry out administrative plan, school life management, and service layout and also focus on serving and improving sufficiency and taking discipline obligation as the key point. Cadres have a quit well power to punish, suggest, and take the responsibility for leading plebes. Officers play the role as the instructor giving advice, preventing improper leadership, and verifying their performance. In addition, midshipmen commander take charge the responsibility as the chairman of Honor Court , investigates any cases against the honor creed which commander held the honor court and investigators certify the result. After all, chairman will make the decision and has to provide this result to Administration, Honor Deliberation Committee which it executes the punishment on the basis of rules. The above mentioned is to train midshipmen know the concept of self-control, self-discipline and reinforce the idea of honor and teamwork; it makes midshipmen restrict one another, demand themselves thoroughly by honor and discipline and put the spirit of cadre system into practice.