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Military training
 Enlisted Training is basic process from a civilian to become a real soldier. All recruits attend the jointed enlist training in Army Academy. In order to make recruits quickly adapt the military life before doing the enlisted training, the school brigade make well-designed plan for new recruits to adjust the school rhythm, physical training and gradually get used to military life. The busy rhythm of training has become an essential training to help bring up an outstanding officer to build every necessary characteristic. Every recruit learn the concept of self-discipline, know how to use their time well, and determine the priority of doing things, meanwhile it also help recruits to achieve their best physical condition, make them have ability to keep clear thought and to make fast react under pressure or unknown situation. All above helps every recruit who return naval academy and be ready for a brand-new life. Although every recruit may ask themselves after the night roll call, If I would still stay for the next day they would be pride of what they have done today. People would not realize the true meaning and feel for these two words, Enlisted Training if they haven't been through the training.
Starting a brand-new life-Enlisted Training picture