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Fourth class( 4/C )
 After learning for three years in naval academy, midshipmen have become senior. They have to keep Chinese Naval Academy's tradition. Being the midshipmen commanding staff is to train their thinking toward events and personal ability on handling things. Most important of all, they have to build a good leadership foundation before they graduate and join the fleet.
 1/C midshipmen learn stuff will not limited in academic but also make their view wide and have an international perspective. Graduation Cruise will be the final test for midshipmen who have learned for four years. During Graduation Cruise, the flotilla will stop by each ally's ports, and have a public ceremony. Those 1/c midshipmen can experience and learn the way to treat foreign allies. That is also the reason why people always call a naval officer as a half foreign affair officer. Sailing to the faraway countries, and getting the job done by themselves is a good change to learn and a great duty to take as 1/C midshipmen who are going to join the fleet and becoming junior officers.
Taking command Page Image In one word, four-year life in the Chinese Naval Academy will train every single midshipman to be a naval officer who is eager to take the responsibility. Every graduate shows confidence, proud, and temperament which a naval officer has. When they change summer whites and receive the Ensign rank from President, at that moment, they will know that not every man in their age can take such a honor like this, and trust themselves had made a right decision in their life to join the navy.