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Thred Class(3/C)
  After Cadre training time is over, these plebes who are called young tigers are going to join the real Chinese Naval Academy life. Preparing for being rising sophomores, school mixes all midshipmen into the same company no matter who they are or what their majors are. The main purpose to doing this is to make the whole classes knows each other, so the upperclassmen can take care of their freshmen and regard them as their own brothers.
 In company, upperclassmen and plebes respect each other, so every midshipman can cultivate good leadership and friendship. And also they know how to deal with people, how to be lead, how to lead people, and learning the important of obedience. In school life, midshipmen make a good foundation for their future to conquer the sea and to be good officers. After midshipmen being sophomores, they earn the honor of being upperclassmen. But also they shoulder the burden to guide their plebes. At the same time, they must know the skills of management and conduction. These experiences are what you CAN NOT learn from other places. Less sweep detail in sophomore year, they have more time to do their academic studies. Sophomore start to learn professional knowledge; meanwhile, they start to think about their future. At the end of sophomore year, it's the time for them to decide to be navy reserves or marine reserves.
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