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Challenge extreme limit(1/C)
After the enlisted training, all freshmen will be allocated to a company only for new recruits. All midshipmen have several common characteristics like they are full of energy, have the spirit not willing to be defeated, and are not afraid of harsh and difficulty environment. During the first year, midshipmen need to survive under the pressure of both military life and their academic study and also challenge their limit of endurance and ability of anti-pressure, as well as achieve their best performance in their life. The life around the first year really helps midshipmen build up the basic capability for the future not only being the duty officer on the ships running into the badly weather or doing the operation for helicopter landing at night.
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 To help plebes do well in their studying, school brigade selects from the highest upper classmates who have excellent grade, great attitude, and willing to help instruct to be the cadres. Cadres instruct everything from the very bottom bases such as how to wear the clothing, the posture of march, and the requirement when cleaning. Thus the life in Plebe Company is well designed and carefully follows the regular rhythm, this is the reason why to Build up the bases and Form the model. By these difficulty training in spirit, physical, and motivation it gives plebes the ideas of endurance, brave, and discipline.
 Somebody said that the badge wore on the shoulder of plebe is called the badge with blood and sweat. This does not mean that plebes are easily bleeding or sweating but it means their first year needs to give out the most. Besides the stress from the academic, physical training, the every service, the upper classmates give those plebes the highest demand which it does not only make plebes know how to do the teamwork, but also unit their undivided bond within the severe requirement. Though the plebe life is full with surprise, expectation, sorrow, and happiness they will taste the joy for grouping up as the feedback for the experience the taste of blood and sweat. During the first year summer training, midshipmen have the opportunity to participate in the swimming training at demolition squadron and summer cruise at the patrol ship which they can learn the basic skills while cruising at sea.