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General Education
"General education" in Taiwan originates from the Western tradition of "liberal education." It emphasizes an" whole person education" that aims at nurturing the sound personality of the cadets, and establishing group values such as the meaning of life, history and culture, political accomplishment and the future of human being, whereas "liberal education" in the Western world usually emphasizes the nurturing of various" basic abilities." Making reference to the concept of "liberal education" and the core curriculum of the US Naval Academy, the Chinese Naval Academy has expanded the "all-round" content of "general education" to the nurturance of both "all-round education" and also "basic naval abilities." The curriculum is consisted of the "General Core "and " Military Core."

General Education Page ImageGeneral Core Curriculum
  Consists of 29 credits on politics, languages, social and natural sciences. "Consolidation of personality" is achieved through the "consolidation of knowledge," so that educated persons with consolidated knowledge, well-balanced personality, perseverance and a mellow life are cultivated.

Military Core Curriculum
  Consists of 24 credits on naval humanity, sciences and military tactics and strategics, in order to educate quality leaders with a sound personality, sense of responsibility, all-round of knowledge,cultural literacy creativity, globalism and basic naval knowledge and techniques.