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The academic library, named as Chung-Cheng Library, is a four-story-high building, built in 1986. Occupying an area of 1,066 square meters, the Library provides 800 reading seats. Facilities for study and research include: g room for reading newspaper and magazines, periodicals room, computer room, language laboratory, seminar room, professional classroom, and reading room. The Library adopts an open shelf policy. Multi-media materials such as DVD, VCD, CD-ROM, Audio-video tapes and cassettes are available for use with equipments provided.

The future goal of the Library is to become the knowledge and information center in southern part of Taiwan. The Library features marine and naval technology collections and materials to support teaching, learning, and research of the Academy. In addition, the Library expects it will serve as a middle depository library, collecting 250,000 books or over.

In September 1998, it was opened that each officer can apply a reader’s card to the Library. The Library is keeping pace with tremendous expansion of information technology, both in terms of electronic resources and daily automation operations of the Library. Now the Library provides traditional and innovative services to users by various technological means. From publications selection, acquisition and cataloging, reference guidance, database search, to operation of equipment and identification of network resources, professional and experienced staff members are committed to meeting the academic community of the Navy.

The Library was merged into Library and Information Management Center with Information Center on 1 July 2000. The Center affords computer and information, and library service.


Stack Guide:

Eastern Language Collection
No Category Volume
000 General Works 20202
100 Philosophy 6340
200 Religion 1289
300 Natural Sciences 11293
400 Applied Sciences 13307
500 Social Sciences 25365
600 World History and Geography 5407
700 World History and Geography 6663
800 Languages and Literature 15790
900 Arts 5668
Others   4590
Total   115914



Western Language Collection
No Category Volume
000 General Works 2455
100 Philosophy 262
200 Religion 53
300 Social Sciences 2087
400 Languages 2233
500 Sciences 5565
600 Technology 5842
700 Arts 456
800 Literature 1290
900 World History and Geography 1420
Others   1781
Total   23444