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2017-05-19Department of Information Management 2017 Outing2638
2017-05-17The Class of 2017 Returns From Successful Distant Voyage With Honor 2148
2017-04-27International Etiquette Demonstration by Two-Year Non-Commission Officer Class 20171939
2017-02-24The Superintendent, RADM Yuan, Encourages The Class of 2017 2178
2017-02-13The Academy’s drum band attended the “Kaohsiung Lantern Festival Parade”2652
2017-02-02The Academy’s 2017 Lunar New Year Gathering 2322
2017-01-23Visits scheduled for the Ministry of National Defence’s 2017 Elite Program1310
2017-01-19The Superintendent, RADM Yuan, and His Wife Had the Lunar New Year Dinner with Foreign Students in Advance1508
2016-12-20Anniversary Sports Competition-Water Competition2597
2016-12-132016 Road Running2221
2016-11-232016 University Basketball League-The Second Match v.s. I-Shou University2596
2016-11-15Appointment with Alumni-the 48th Year of the Republic of China2112
2016-09-10Academically Excellent Student Recognition Tea Party in the second semester of 20152173
2016-09-052016 Opening Ceremony1722
2016-08-08Summer Water lifeguard Certification Test1387
2016-06-222016 Bachelor Degree Awarding Ceremony1222
2016-05-24Officer and Non-commissioned Officer Training in the first half of 20161334
2016-03-01Student’s Study Presentation1424
2016-02-24Superintendent’s Appointment with Teachers1228
2015-12-08The propagation of the 4-year Regular Class Program (Bachelor’s Degree Program) and the 2-Year NCO Program took place in Tsoying Senior High School an3185
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