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General description

The three major tasks of the department of athletics include carrying out the curriculum of physical education, assembling and training representative teams, and holding various athletic activities. Carrying out the curriculum of physical education is the basic one. For meeting the modern trends, the changes of the curricula of physical education were divided into three periods: 
●Before 1981, the curricula focused on stamina and combat skills. For example, hand grenade throwing, pole climbing, and obstacle passing  

●Between 1981 and 1991, ball games, swimming, and track and field were gradudlly introduced. In this ways, the physical education curriculum could not only maintain original military color, but also could match the development of civil trends  

●From 1991 to the present, since the concepts of adaptive stamina and life-long interest in sport are advocated, the physical education classes gradually focus on sport itself to meet the world’s trends  

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