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Military Science Study includs Tactical Section、Marine Engineering Section And Physical Training Section. Its educational primary focuss on following military education, that Tactical Section to reinforce Midshipmen’s navy professional skills, and to cultivate their excellent leadership and decision- making capability. Besides Science and General education become special character of military education. The Military Core curriculum of the Tactical Section’s includes Navigation, Seamanship, Naval Weapon Systems, Combat System Application, Command Control Communication &Intelligence, Leadership, Information Warfare Fundamentals, Anti-Air Warfare(AAW) Fundamentals, Concepts of Intelligence, New Generation Armed Forces, Introduction to Armed Forces, Naval Fundamentals, Naval Communications, Standard Operation Procedures and Regulations of Naval Communications, Naval Watch Duties, Amphibious Operation. In the Marine Engineering Section’s Engineering Fundamentals, Internal Combustion Engine, Steam Propulsion Plant and Boiler, Marine Gas Turbine, Engineering Power System Simulation, Gyroscope, Internal Communication System, Engineering Management, Auxiliary machinery, Engineering Control System Simulation, and Physical Training Courses. Bia entire study of Military Curriculum and shipboard training, Midshipmen must face all kinds of challenges, the entire jobs assist the Midshipmen to combine the theory and practical work in relation to naval professional knowledge, to become quality Naval Officer.

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