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About MES

Aming at the foundation of on-job training and future development in the naval carrier, the purpose of this department is to give the student the substantial engineering training.  For the study of naval engineering equipment and fulfill the teaching course, it is divided into steam propulsion plant and internal combustion research team according to the professional knowledge of instructors. 

The diversity naval engineering course design can provide student with the theory and practical work through the basic science and applied engineering realm. It is also follow the world technical development to add the new engineering course for the student to make advance research of engineering knowledge.

The entire learning course directed by the military instructor is full of professional knowledge and working experience. Four laboratories contain internal combustion engine, auxiliary machinery, steam propulsion plant and boiler and engineering room control simulator. The active equipment includes two shaft gas turbines, gas engine power output tester, transparent combustion engine, steam prime mover tester, pump demonstration test stand, dynamic balance test beach, refrigeration trainer, and engineering  room control simulator. Partial of above experimental apparatus play a leading role compared to those of other university. The entire jobs assist the students to realize the theory and practical work in relative to marine engineering knowledge.