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Naval engineering common concept

The introduction course is referenced by the U.S Navy academy course design,including the propulsion system(diesel engine, steam turbine and gas turbine) , electrical power plant and auxiliary equipment used in our Navy.

The new course is common knowledge for the member working on the Navy ship


Naval engineering - Auxiliary Machinery

To introduce the classification and function of the valves pipe line system﹐condenser﹐distilling plant﹐refrigerator compressor﹐purifier﹐vacuum ejector﹐steering gear﹐contaminated water disposal.

Naval engineering - Interna combustion Engine

The classification and working principle of gas diesel engine﹐the advantages and disadvantages of all kinds of internal combustion engine﹐the fuel used in engine﹐the lube oil character﹐the ideal design of combustion room and fuel nozzle﹐combustion lubrication and cooling﹐the engine control and operation limit


Naval engineering - Steam propulsion plant and boiler

The classification of naval steam propulsion plant and boiler﹐the naval steam cycle﹐fluid and thermodynamics﹐the components of steam propulsion plant and boiler﹐boiler capacity and end point for water circulation﹐combustion and moisture carry over in steam

The operation and application of boiler﹐the principle of steam propulsion plant﹐velocity and pressure analysis in the stage of turbine﹐the reduction gear lubrication system﹐the function and structure of propulsion shaft


Naval engineering -

Marine gas turbine

Basic principles of marine gas turbine engines﹐the classification of marine gas turbine﹐the limitation of marine gas turbine﹐the components of gas turbine

LM 2500 gas turbine construction﹐LM 2500 fuel system﹐oil system﹐air intake system﹐anti-Icing system﹐exhaust system﹐module cooling system﹐starting air system﹐fire containment system﹐LM 2500 gas turbine engine operation


Engineering simulation system

Provide marine engineering power trainers for the student to simulate the function and arrangement of all kinds of engineering power equipment. Let the students to realize the interaction for different kinds of engineering power equipment.